Andy Kuppe



Andy Kuppe

Current School:

Parade College

Previous Position:

Deputy Principal

First Year as a Principal:


Year of Birth:


My big picture for my current school is:

For staff and students to be innovative, just, inclusive, curious, kind and exceptional!

The Joy of Principalship is:

Meeting a past student who has fulfilled his/her potential against the odds.

Favourite Book:

The Happiest Man on Earth by Eddie Jaku

Favourite Food:

Indian and Italian

Interests / Hobbies:

Theatre, Golf (beginner), Family, Travel

My Favourite Well-Being Strategy:

Good walk, good food and a sleep in.

Advice for a Beginning Principal:

Be authentic, patient, courageous, collaborative, engage good mentors and always maintain a sense of humour.

Favourite Leadership Quote:

Integrity, insight and inclusiveness are the three essential qualities of leadership - Sadhguru

What Title would you give to your TED Talk or Book:

Oh, we’ve got a bigger dressing room than the puppets. That’s refreshing.

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