Tim O'Farrell

Where is your College located in relation to the Capital of your state/territory Colac is located approximately two hours to the south west of Melbourne.
What is the nature of your College We are a Co-educational day College catering for students in Yr 7-12. Our vision is that Trinity College will be a vibrant learning community where our students are inspired to reach their potential in a happy and supportive environment
How many students 750
In what year did you commence as Principal of this College 2010
What was your role prior to taking up this appointment

Deputy Principal, Monivae College, Hamilton, Vic

What are the one or two aspects of your College that you are especially proud of
  • Very proud of our students and staff and the connections that we make with our families.
  • The implementation of our Master Plan over the past ten years has seen the construction of contemporary learning spaces which enable 21st century learning opportunities for our students.
What are the main challenges to you and other Catholic schools in your local area
  • Ensuring that the learning that we provide is engaging and provides authentic witness to our mission in Catholic education.


  • Ensuring affordable education and communication of mechanisms of support for our families who are affected by the challenges of the dairy industry and other agricultural sector industries.
  • Accessing relevant professional learning opportunities for our staff in a rural community.
  • Accessing adequate provision of bandwidth to allow our students to be provided with similar digital infusion into their learning as students in metropolitan areas..
What do you believe are the one or two main issues confronting Catholic Secondary Colleges nationally
  • One of our main challenges is to retain our Catholic Identity now and into the future.
  • The ever expanding list of compliance and regulatory requirements that take up vast amounts of time and energy within our Colleges. A number of which do not necessarily lead to improved learning outcomes for our students and run the risk of minimising our autonomy within and as an education system.




195 Brighton Road, Somerton Park
South Australia, Australia 5044