Sam Cosentino

Where is your College located in relation to the Capital of your state/territory Nazareth College is in the Southern Eastern Region in Noble Park North about 20 km from the CBD
What is the nature of your College The College is a Co-educational Year 7 12 school.
How many students 648
In what year did you commence as Principal of this College 2017
What was your role prior to taking up this appointment

Prior to becoming Principal of Nazareth College, I was Deputy Principal Head of Tyabb Campus at Padua College.

What parts of the role of Principal give you the greatest satisfaction?
  • Working with people - students, staff and parents.
What are the one or two aspects of your College that you are especially proud of
  • I am proud of the student pride in their school and the way they interact within their community. 
  • Also, I am proud of the manner in which staff members have worked hard to instigate improvements over the past few years.  It finally paid off with excellent results.
What are the main challenges to you and other Catholic schools in your local area
  • The ageing population and limited number of students in the surrounding areas.  So we have to become 'the school of choice' and inform the surrounding communities of all the fantastic programs that Nazareth offers. 
  • In a nutshell, we have to market ourselves and become the school of choice.
What do you believe are the one or two main issues confronting Catholic Secondary Colleges nationally
  • Nationally, the reputation of the Catholic church is under scrutiny and all facets including secondary schools fall under that umbrella.  This is not a bad thing, as we are held accountable and are transparent.
  • Secondly, churching the unchurched is something that secondary schools are good at.  Catholic secondary schools are blessed to be working in conjunction with Parishes and families in providing a rich and varied religious experience.

  • Student involvement in social justice issues and their ability to support those in need are strong points and help in their religious formation.




195 Brighton Road, Somerton Park
South Australia, Australia 5044