Matt Byrne

Where is your College located in relation to the Capital of your state/territory To the east of Ballarat 100 kms W of the CBD
What is the nature of your College Co-ed 7-12 School conducted under the charism of the sisters of Mercy and the priests of the dioceses
How many students 1040
In what year did you commence as Principal of this College 2009
If you were a Principal in another school, what was the year of your first appointment n/a
What was your role prior to taking up this appointment

Deputy Principal at this College

What parts of the role of Principal give you the greatest satisfaction?
  • The unpredictabile nature of the role I am never bored
  • Seeing improving outcomes for students
  • Seeing the Damscus community grow
What are the one or two aspects of your College that you are especially proud of
  • Establishing the College as a respected education community in Ballarat
  • The beautiful setting and the image of the College combine to portray our core aims
What are the main challenges to you and other Catholic schools in your local area
  • Growing student achievement and belief in their potential
  • Many students present at the school with standards below the average of the State
  • Building a connection and love for our Church against the backdrop of negative publicity in the Ballarat region
What do you believe are the one or two main issues confronting Catholic Secondary Colleges nationally
  • Endeavours to find quality models for govenrance of our schools and within that,  the role of the principal at this time of uncertainty
  • The place of principals as community leaders in the context of the church endeavouring to shape its course for the future




195 Brighton Road, Somerton Park
South Australia, Australia 5044