John Cortese

Where is your College located in relation to the Capital of your state/territory Goulburn Valley (2 hours from Melbourne)
What is the nature of your College 7-12 Co-ed
How many students 1750
In what year did you commence as Principal of this College 2013
If you were a Principal in another school, what was the year of your first appointment 1997 (in State Govt (DEECD))
What was your role prior to taking up this appointment

Assistant Regional Director (Teaching and Learning) in the Grampians Region DEECD (State Government)

What parts of the role of Principal give you the greatest satisfaction?
  • Seeing students achieve
  • Seeing students mature
  • Seeing wonderful, innovative, engaging teaching occurring
  • Supporting family units grow
What are the one or two aspects of your College that you are especially proud of
  • Teacher unity/focus
  •  Student maturity and values and ethics
  • Great facilities
  • Commitment of parents and staff towards student achievement
What are the main challenges to you and other Catholic schools in your local area
  • Maintaining a competitive edge against other local schools
  • Providing a safe and engaging environment that has families seeking enrolment
  • Financially being able to provide the best resources to staff and students to deliver great education
What do you believe are the one or two main issues confronting Catholic Secondary Colleges nationally
  • possible fallout from Royal Commission
  •  not receiving adequate funding from government
  •  lack of quality prospective teachers in the future as teaching is NOT seen to be  a career of choice and workload too hard




195 Brighton Road, Somerton Park
South Australia, Australia 5044