Darren Hovey


Where is your College located in relation to the Capital of your state/territory Located in North East Victoria on the border with NSW
What is the nature of your College We are a co-educational Yr 7 -12 school 
How many students 1100
In what year did you commence as Principal of this College 2014
What was your role prior to taking up this appointment

Previous to that I was the DP Learning and Teaching at Galen Catholic College. Before that I was a DP Pastoral Wellbeing and Operations at Marian College in Ararat.

What are the one or two aspects of your College that you are especially proud of

Commitment from our staff to work in teams across all year levels and

The students pride in being members of our CCW community.

What are the main challenges to you and other Catholic schools in your local area

Population mapping predicts that there will be an extra 300 secondary aged students looking for Catholic secondary education in the next 10 years. We are currently developing a strategy for how we will cater for this demand.

What do you believe are the one or two main issues confronting Catholic Secondary Colleges nationally...:

Federal and State Funding will always be a concern for a our schools.

The second challenge which we are looking at here as a Leadership Team is how we we make the Je




195 Brighton Road, Somerton Park
South Australia, Australia 5044