CaSPA Social Action 2021 Report: St Patrick’s Technical College

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CaSPA Social Action 2021 Report: St Patrick’s Technical College

The Grant that makes a Difference

This year St Patrick’s Technical College was most fortunate in receiving funding through CaSPA as part of the Social Action program. The purpose of the grant was to enable the college to further deepen connections with the work of their local Vinnies, in the Elizabeth region. The funding has been well used giving students the opportunity to put into practice one of the core values of the college – Service.

As a technical college we are always looking for ways for our students to demonstrate the range of trade and personal skills they are developing as young adults at the college. Through the funding, we were able to purchase a BBQ which is used for the weekly service we provide outside the Elizabeth Vinnies Shop. Each lunchtime on a Thursday, our Year 11 students cook a BBQ. Although this service has been affected by COVID once again this year, when operating, our students provide a weekly lunch for over 40 people. The BBQ now ‘lives’ at Vinnies and can be used by the Fred’s Van food service which operates from the same facility.


Fred’s Van provides a hot meal service from their dining room. Unfortunately, the demand is much greater than the space available. A few years ago, the college came to the rescue and assisted in constructing an outdoor dining area to cater for the overflow of guests. This year, we were asked to make some repairs to this area and extend it further through the addition of extra tables. Through the CaSPA funding provided, our Year 11 Construction students designed and carried out these improvements, including adding some much-needed lighting.

The college has also supported the work of the local Vinnies Conference in preparing and cooking over 400 meals which were then frozen and distributed to those in need. The CaSPA funding has enabled us to purchase quality ingredients for these meals. As part of their Health course, all Year 12 students learn about nutrition and some basic cooking techniques. By preparing these meals for Vinnies, students feel a great sense of satisfaction that they are doing something of great value and service to others.

St Patrick’s Technical College greatly appreciates the support of CaSPA this year as it has enabled us to continue to do what we believe is fundamental to why we exist as a school – to help our young people understand that they have a responsibility to serve others. By doing this they can come to better understand the inequalities of our society and know that they can make a difference to the lives of others.

John Neate | Community, Spirituality, and Identity Coordinator