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Healing Country:


CaSPA joins with and unequivocally supports Fr Frank Brennan in his “Healing Country” message recently:

‘Today our world is in need of healing – environmentally, spiritually and socially.  We must all come together as a global community to fight the injustices of inequality, racism and environmental damage.’

Please read Fr Brennan’s full homily via this link:

Plenary Council 2020


CaSPA senses a spirit of great hope and optimism in the 2021 Helda Camara Lecture delivered by Bishop Vincent Long in which he outlined his hopes for the future Catholic Church in Australia.

“The model of the Church based on clerical hegemony has run its course. Insofar as it is deeply embedded in patriarchal and monarchical structures, it is incapable of helping us to meet the needs of the world and culture in which we live. We have long moved out of the Ancien Régime and the age of absolute monarchs. We are on this side of the secular state and the rise of democracy. Yet it seems that the deeply entrenched patriarchal and monarchical structures of the Church have failed to correspond with our lived experience.

For the Church to flourish, it is crucial that we come to terms with the flaws of clericalism and move beyond its patriarchal and monarchical matrix. What is urgent is that we need to find fresh ways of being Church and fresh ways of ministry and service for both men and women disciples. New wine into new wineskins! The new wine of God’s unconditional love, radical inclusivity and equality needs to be poured into new wineskins of humility, mutuality, compassion and powerlessness. The old wineskins of triumphalism, authoritarianism and supremacy, abetted by clerical power, superiority, and rigidity are breaking.”

The full transcript:

In addition, there is a statement from Fr Frank Brennan in relation to the 2021 Helda Camara Lecture message about the future Catholic Church expressed by Bishop Long.

“Bishop Vincent Long fled his homeland on a fishing boat after the Vietnam War.  He ended up settling in Australia as a refugee. He’s been copping quite a deal of flak lately – the sort of flak reserved for outsiders who don’t quite belong in the royal sanctuary, the national temple.  Recently he delivered the Helder Camara Lecture at Newman College.  While others who lead our Church are urging that there is little need for change, and that in fact, change is antipathetic to the Roman tradition, Long declared:

Unless we genuinely repent of institutional failures and unless we convert to the radical vision of Christ and let it imbue our attitudes, actions and pastoral practices, we will not be able to restore confidence and trust in the Church.

“Until we have the courage to admit the old ways of being Church, which is steeped in a culture of clerical power, dominance and privilege, we cannot rise to a Christ-like way of humility, inclusivity, compassion and powerlessness.”

The full transcript: