Clare Nocka

Current School:

St Mary’s College, Adelaide

Previous Position:

Principal, St Joseph’s School Tranmere

First Year as a Principal:


My big picture for my current school is:

To create diverse opportunities for staff and students to flourish in their learning and their wellbeing

The Joy of Principalship is:

The range of relationships and interactions within and beyond my school with children, young people and adults.

Favourite Book:

That’s too hard, I always have more than one on the go! A recent delight was Trent Dalton, All our shimmering skies.

Favourite Food:


Interests / Hobbies:

Reading, live music, theatre, being with friends, cooking

My Favourite Well-Being Strategy:

Work free weekends and a few days away each term break

Advice for a Beginning Principal:

Build your networks, find the 1-2 people you can de-brief the day with

Favourite Leadership Quote:

I have a pinboard full of quotes. One of recent favourites - As a leader trust people to manage themselves to do their best work. Jim Collins

What Title would you give to your TED Talk or Book:

Radical Yes

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