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Why haven't your CaSPA subscriptions risen in the past 5 years...?

Posted on 13 September 2018
Why haven't your CaSPA subscriptions risen in the past 5 years...?

In 2013 you were paying 50 cents a student to be part of CaSPA, and in 2019 there will not be a change to that rate... 

Some of us are old enough to remember the earliest days of our National Association. At a meeting of the Victorian Catholic Secondary Prinipals in 1994, president elect of the new National Association of Catholic Secondary Princpals, Fr Hugh Brown, suggested that funding for this new group would come via the State Associations. To manage this, the subscriptions paid by individual schools to their state groups would have to increase by a sufficient amount to support the work of the new body - it was not called CaSPA at that stage, this happened when it was incorporated in 2004. There were some murmurings of concern by individual principals who were not sure that the new body would justify the extrat amount schools would be contributing.

Fast forward to 2014 and CaSPA was still being funded via the State and Territory Associations. It was working with a larger budget as it had to maintain a National Office and full time employee. Further to this, subscriptions were invoiced "per school". This meant that with 500 schools across the country, the operating budget of CaSPA was divided by 500. Deducted from this was the amount raised by National Conferences and the small amount raised through sponsors or National Partners.

A number of smaller schools justifiably pushed back on this arrangement - they were paying the same amount with in some cases just 20 secondary students as large schools with 2000 students. Further difficulties with finance were experienced with the decreasing attendance at National Conferences. In earlier days the CaSPA National Conferences were highly successful financially and helped defray the cost schools had to contribute in Subscriptions.

In the following months late in 2014 and early 2015 the CaSPA Board made two important changes to policy:

  • subscriptions would be based on enrolment and would not be a "per school" amount
  • additional revenue sources would be actively explored, particularly National Partnerships

As things eventuated, these two initiatives worked out well for all concerned:

  • the operating cost of CaSPA - less the non subscription income - equated to a subscription rate of 50 cents a student [at that time we had around 350,000 Catholic Secondary students]
  • CaSPA was able to develop excellent partnerships with firms of high repute who made a significant contribution to the income of the Association

And this is largely the situation as it exists today - there has been no increase in subscriptions in the past 5 years, it is still 50 cents a student.

Our National Partners continue to support the work of the Association and we are indebted to them for this ongoing involvement.

It is our hope that individual principals show their appreciation of the ongoing support provided by our National Partners by seeking quotes and information from all our National Partners when they are looking to upgrade or review those particular products of services

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