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Reinventing Your School - is it really that hard?

Posted on 12 February 2018
Reinventing Your School - is it really that hard?

One renowned commentator on the Education Sector once remarked that:

The School Sector is one of the least innovative in society - it is largely "Change Averse".

The way schools are still visioned, organised and managed is closely akin to the way asylums and prisons were run in the 19th Century...

While "disruptive" approaches permeate many other sectors, education and schools largely continue to follow their well worn tracks.

The diagram above describes how you as leader can undertake a relative simple approach to re-imagine your school. In many ways it employs a combination of the DeBono Black and Green Hat[s] approach to meeting challenges.

A more detailled description of this approach can be found at:


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