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Prof Greg Craven meets with CaSPA Board in Perth

Posted on 14 September 2017
Prof Greg Craven meets with CaSPA Board in Perth

The Board of CaSPA sees it is important to meet with other key stakeholders in Catholic Education on a regular basis. We see the ACU as a key partner, and welcome the opportunity to meet with the Vice Chancellor - Prof Greg Craven - on an annual basis.

This year's meeting, on September 11 in Perth, saw a number of key issues discussed including:

  • Consequences for the Catholic Church as a result of the current Royal Commission
  • The work and respresentation on NCEC
  • Consequences of the current government's funding proposal - Gonski 2.0
  • The key role Principals have in leading their local communities 
  • Issue of workforce planning and Teacher Traning
  • The effectiveness and relevance of the ATAR
  • Encouraging Student Teachers to seek practicum experience in Remote and Regional Schools
  • Professional Development opportunities for Catholic Teachers at ACU in areas such as Leadership and Theology

The borad nature of these discussions indicated to all present the importance of the close working relationship between ACU and CaSPA.


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