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Principals' Salary Conditions - Comparison across Australia

Posted on 15 October 2017
Principals' Salary Conditions - Comparison across Australia
Over recent years, CaSPA has undertaken to summarise and compare the salaries and conditions of Catholic Secondary Principals in the 8 States and Territories across Australia. This is becoming a more complex task as new Industrial arrangements are put in place. It is also true to say that there is quite  a diversity of arrangements even though the scope and responsibilities of being a Principal in a Catholic Secondary School are very similar no matter which jurisdiction the school is located in.

For the purpose of this exercise the following applies:

  • We only look at the Agreement that applies to Principals in schools that are administered by the local Catholic Education System
  • We are all aware that there are Catholic Schools administered by PJP's or other representatives of Religious Institutes, and as there is significant variation in the way they remunerate their Principals, it is too difficult to provide a meaningful summary
  • We only look at the base salaries that are recorded in the relevant agreement/MoU
  • In the majority of cases there are a number of "levels" for each salary category - we have taken the average of these levels for each category
  • Tasmania has joined Victoria basing salary classifications on Recurrent Budget rather than student population.
    • We have assumed the average student cost at $13,000 to equate Budget with student population
  • Most provide for some level of complexity in schools e.g. boarding, but again it is too complex a task to make meaninful comparisons across jurisdictions
In undertaking this exercise, CaSPA is not seeking to provide advocacy for any group of Principals.  We see this as the role of the local Associations and their work with the relevant employing authority. It is not in the remit of CaSPA to undertake a role in the area of Industrial Relations. We do however believe it is important for colleagues across Australia to be aware of the range of current salaries and conditions that are in place.

Current serving Catholic Principals can follow this link for the 2017 Comparative Salaries Table. - you will need to use your CaSPA Principal password to access this page.  If you do not have a password or have forgotten what it is, the page will provide a prompt to access a password if you are a CaSPA Principal

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