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Preparing Teachers to Manage Substance Abuse in Schools

Posted on 20 April 2017
Preparing Teachers to Manage Substance Abuse in Schools

Teachers could be taught how to manage students and parents high on ice as Victorian deals with a statewide drug problem

Some 40,000 Victorian workers in education, justice, emergency services and child protection will be offered training on how to manage people high on ice.

"I wish we didn't have to do it but ice is such a challenge, it is destroying so many lives," Premier Daniel Andrews told reporters on Thursday.

"Many hundreds of millions of dollars each year can't be investing in other things because of the ice problem right across Victoria."

Teachers can opt in for face-to-face training that takes half a day and sees frontline staff taught methods to respond to aggressive, uncooperative, drug-affected people.

Training for nurses began in November and was rolled out to other sectors on Thursday.

Royal Melbourne Hospital trauma nurse Kelly Liersch says the behaviour of drug-affected people can have an effect on other patients and their visitors.

"The training gave me really good insight into how the drug affects the body and gave us good skills in how to plan for the expected behaviours and how to manage this more safely," she said.

The program forms part of the government's $100 million Ice Action Plan.

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