CaSPA & Plenary Council Writing Groups

Posted by Phil Lewis on 11 November 2019
CaSPA & Plenary Council Writing Groups

It was great news for CaSPA that our President, Loretta Wholley has been chosen to be on one of the six Writing Groups connected to the Plenary Council. Lorettta was chosen for the Conversion, Reform and Renewal Writing Group (Theme 6). All of the groups have a tremendous task ahead of them to prepare a submission to the Plenary Council by Easter next year.  In order to see what Loretta and the Theme 6  team are discerning, please visit the Plenary Council website ( On the website you will also be able to view the other five themes of the Plenary Council.

Phil Lewis

Executive Officer

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CaSPA News Update

Posted by Phil Lewis on 11 November 2019

The CaSPA Board has three main pieces of news:

  • Currently the Board is finalising its new Strategic Plan for 2020 - 22. In conjunction with Thorne Consulting the Board has developed a renewed Vision and Mission Statement. In addition the Board has identified three key values that will underpin its work in the three years ahead and key targets have been identified. The Strategic Plan will be launched early next year once the document has been through a final draft and proof process with the Board.


  • Alongside the new Startegic Plan, the Board has also entered negotiations with SchoolZine to build a new website for CaSPA. This work is currently being undertaken and the current website will remain in place until early next year. All Principals will be advised of the launch date and will receive new connection details for the Principals' Login section of the website.


  • The CasPA Board wishes to thank Paul Rijken for his great service and leadership as a Director over the last two years. Paul was also instrumental in leading the planning and the facilitating of Korero this year in Adelaide. The new Director nominated from APCSS (South Australia) for the next two years is Ms Paddy McEvoy. Paddy is currently the Principal of St Aloysius College in Adelaide and we wish paddy well in her new role as a CaSPA Director.

Phil Lewis

Executive Officer

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ICP Conference, Shanghai

Posted by Phil Lewis on 28 October 2019
ICP Conference, Shanghai
CaSPA is a full member of the International Confederation of Principals (ICP). It was my privilege to represent the CaSPA board at the recent Council Meeting and the Convention held in Shanghai. It was a wonderful opportunity to hear perspectives and meet educational leaders from around the world. It was also great to learn from some of the world renown researchers and academics. Congratulations to ICP on a wonderful conference.
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CaSPA rejoins ICP

Posted by Phil Lewis on 29 September 2019

Dear Colleagues

Just a short note to advise CaSPA Members that CaSPA has rejoined the International Confederation of Principals (ICP). As Executive Officer, it will be an honour to represent CaSPA at the Council Meetings and the Conference in Shanghai (19 - 25 October 2019). During the week the Board is also very keen for me to make international connections with other peak Principal Associations around the world. The recent OECD publication on international collaboration highlights the many advantages of connections beyond your own country. The document is available:

If you are attending the Council or Conference, please say hello if you see me.

Best wishes

Phil Lewis

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September 2019 President's Report

Posted by CaSPA on 19 September 2019
September 2019 President's Report

Dear Colleagues,

I hope you and your school communities are faring well during this time of year with Year 12 students completing assessments and recruitment processes underway for 2020.

In the last month there has been much happening on the national education scene with ACARA, AITSL, Department of Education (Canberra) and NCEC. It is heartening to know that all these organisations value the collaboration and partnership with CaSPA.

It was also wonderful to be invited to the APPA national conference in Adelaide. Phil Lewis (Executive Officer) represented CaSPA at the event and caught up with Paul Colyer (ACPPA Executive Officer) and David de Carvalho (ACARA CEO) at one of the conference social events. Congratulations to APPA and ACPPA on the wonderful conference.

Last week the CaSPA Board held its final face to face meeting at Seton College in Perth. During the meeting days the Board was able to meet with Deborah Sayce (W.A. Catholic Education Director) and the W.A. Catholic Principals at their regular meeting. Many thanks to Joe Hoyne and his staff for their wonderful hospitality. Lastly, I am pleased to report that the CaSPA AGM was held on the 12 September. The AGM minutes and financial statements will be available on the CaSPA Website shortly in the Principal Login section.

Prior to the AGM the CaSPA Board worked with Jeff Thorn to begin developing a Strategic Plan to inform the work of CaSPA for the next three years. The process will be finalised before the end of this year and I look forward to sharing this with our State and Territory Catholic Principals associations. There was a creative sharing of ideas and a genuine commitment to improving the service and function of CaSPA.

Loretta Wholley (President)

Other CaSPA News

  • AITSL School Leadership Roundtable. The Roundtable will be an interactive discussion to inform future actions to strengthen school leadership development and principal preparation across Australia. Loretta Wholley attended.
  • The Australian Teacher Workforce Data (ATWD) secretariat provided a presentation on the ATWD to outline progress to date and to ensure that key stakeholders are aware of the potential benefits of the ATWD.  Loretta Wholley attended.
  • High Impact Leader Workshop: empowering educators through clarity, coherence and narrative (regional, rural and remote education) Paula Bounds represented CaSPA in Sydney.
  • Teaching Awards Selection Panel Loretta Wholley has accepted the invitation to be part of the selection panel for the 2020 Commonwealth Bank Teaching Awards, a national, cross-sectoral program offered to teachers and school leaders through a partnership between Australian Schools Plus and the Commonwealth Bank.
  • AITSL links between the Teacher Standards and Principal Standard WA Representative AITSL is conducting a review of the pathway through the Teacher Standards at the Highly Accomplished and Lead career stages, and the Principal Standard. Declan Tanham (W.A.) is representing CaSPA on this Review.
  • National Teacher Workforce Strategy consultation under the Education Council endorsed for a plan for developing the NTWS that is an agreed national action under the National School Reform Agreement. Loretta Wholley and other members were involved in a phone conference to discuss future directions.
  • National Consultation Events for Review of the Melbourne Declaration on Education Loretta attended a workshop in Canberra. Minister Dan Tehan was in attendance for the entire workshop.
  • Meeting with DET School Leadership Team attended by Loretta Wholley. The meeting was a good opportunity to meet the team, and to share information on current priorities and initiatives, discuss many items of interest and any upcoming work.
  • Teachers' experiences of Teacher-targeted Bullying in Australian East Coast Schools is being researched by La Trobe University Phil Lewis will respond on behalf of CaSPA.
  • The Catholic Education Stakeholders Forum (CESF) met in Brisbane to discuss the groups Terms of Reference, NCEC Conference, political engagement, and Evangelisation. Phil Lewis and Loretta Wholley attended.
  • Teaching and School Leadership Branch DET have commenced consultation on Learning Progressions and online formative assessment initiative.
  • Loretta hosted a dinner with Wollongong Diocesan Catholic Principals earlier in September.
  • The implementation of a national Unique Student Identifier (USI) was one of the eight key reforms in the National School Reform Agreement. The Australian Government has the lead on this priority initiative. CaSPA has been consulted about the value of this and has provided feedback regarding how the USI should be used to improve outcomes for students and not be a data set to compare schools.
  • Loretta Wholley will be hosting a meeting of the national Presidents of AHISA (Mark Merry), APPA (Malcolm Elliott) and ASPA (Andrew Pierpont) in September.

ICP Council Meeting & Convention

On behalf of CaSPA, Phil Lewis will be attending the Council meeting and the Conference (20 25 October 2019). As a part of the CaSPA Strategic Plan, Phil will hopefully be able to make contacts and long-term connections with Catholic Principal Associations from around the world. CaSPA has been reinstated as a member of ICP and can send representatives to the annual Council Meetings. Phil and the ICP President will be having a teleconference soon to discuss issues for Australian Principals. The next ICP Council meeting will be in Ghana in 2020. Next convention will be in Toronto in 2021.


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