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Planning Well Under Way for Cairns 2018

Posted on 8 August 2017
Planning Well Under Way for Cairns 2018

Above: Kerry Swann and Frank FitzGerald at a recent planning meeting for Cairns 2018

The Queensland prinicipals [CaSPAQ] have formed an enthusiastic team to plan for the 2018 Conference in Cairns under the leadership of Dan McMahon and Lee McMaster.  

  • The venue has been booked
  • Great Presenters have been engaged - headed by Fr Frank Brennan and Kristina Kenneally
  • The Program is taking shape
  • Engaging Workshops are in the process of development
  • And we anticipate a great response by Principals across Australia.
  • We are hopeful of extending an invitation to Primary Principals also given the nature of the theme "Topical and Tropical", and the importance of key leaders in Catholic Education being able to gather and consider important recent developments such as the implications of Gonski 2.0

Planning is also being supported by the Executive Officer of CaSPAQ - Kerry Swann,  and CaSPA's Executive Officer Frank FitzGerald who amongst other things are co-ordinating a great team of Sponsors to support the Conference.

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