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NT Principals meet with CaSPA Board in Darwin

Posted on 24 August 2018
NT Principals meet with CaSPA Board in Darwin

Over successive years, the links between the CaSPA Board and individual Principals has been greatly enhanced by the Board traveling to all parts of Australia to hold their meetings when the local principals are also gathering.

This was seen with the meetings of the NT Principals and the CaSPA Board both taking place on August 22-23 this year. For their part, the NT Principals had traveled thousands of kilometers from some very remote locations to join with their colleagues in Darwin. 

It was very helpful for the CaSPA Directors to hear first hand from the local principals about some issues that are currently being considered.  These include:

  • The impact of schools from major cities seeking to visit remote schools for Immersion Experiences [CaSPA hopes to provide a set of guidelines to assist with this process in coming Updates]
  • The challenge to attract staff to schools in both Darwin and the remote areas
  • Once teachers actually move to the Territory, there seems to be a reluctance by Catholic Schools in major cent res to re-employ these teachers when they seek to return - even though their teaching experience has been enriched by their time in the Territory
  • Opportunities for Professional Development for Principals in the Territory
  • Access to experienced mentors for Principals and other leaders in NT Catholic Schools
  • Access to specialist help for students with disadvantage
  • Managing attendance/truancy for Indigenous Students
    • There was a clear suggestion that reports in previous years that there are large numbers of Indigenous students who have never attended or been enrolled in schools were NOT ACCURATE
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