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NSW CaSPA Field Officer

Posted on 28 August 2018
NSW CaSPA Field Officer

As you may be aware, the CaSPA Board appointed Rob Laidler [above] at the start of 2018 to assist with its work in NSW. Not only does this jurisdiction host the largest number of CaSPA Schools - 171 or 35% - it is also the most diverse with 11 separate Catholic Education Office regions.

Over the course of 2018, Rob has reached out to both individuals and school networks to help promote the work of CaSPA.  At the same time he has been able to assist and support individual principals in a broad variety of ways.  We are aware for example, that some of our principals have been the victim of considerable adverse critism for the stand that they have taken to support their students and promote their well being.  These attacks have not only been from parents but also other elements in the Church which is of concern to the CaSPA Board.

To support Rob and his work, the CaSPA Board have endorsed his efforts so far and will be extending his time allocation from the start of 2019.  While Rob will be doing his utmost to initiate contact with our NSW colleagues, individual principals are encouraged to contact him on any matter they believe wojuld assist them in their work and/or professional lives.

His contacts details are:

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