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New CEO of AITSL meets with the CaSPA Board

Posted on 16 March 2017
New CEO of AITSL meets with the CaSPA Board

Above: Lisa Rodgers, CEO of AITSL

The CaSPA Board were delighted to have Lisa Rodgers - the new CEO of AITSL - attend their recent Board Meeting in Hobart

Lisa spoke of her experience in a variery of Public Sector roles in New Zealand prior to her recent appointment to AITSL.  Among the issues discussed were:

  • TEMAG is proving to be  a contentious topic with some pushback from key stakeholders in the roll out of the recommendations
    • AITSL is keen that teachers and Principals become more active in promoting the recommendations of the review
    • The view was expressed by CaSPA Directors that Universities need to be far more active in their negoitations with schools regarding Trainee Teacher Placement
  • Teacher Workforce is a challenging topic with 30000 entering teacher training annually
    • The CaSPA Directors reflected that some Universities see trainee teachers as a "cash cow" for Universities, who in turn do not always give sufficent attention to the quality of courses and instead divert the funding they receive for teacher preparation courses to other Univeristy pursuits such as research and higher degrees
    • AITSL is keen to get more accurate data to ensure that there is acceptable Return on Investment for the federal money being used to fund Teacher Preparation
  • AITSL is keen to continue to support the profession by supporting initiatives such as:
    • National registration
      • Principal Preparedness
  • There was also encouragement for looking at the issue of Gender balance in Principal Appointments
  • Women are attracted to the profession because it has attractive conditions
  • There would be an argument that the  principal role is not conducive to part time work
  • Lisa spoke of the $419 milis being spent annually on professional development and asked if this money is used wisely
  • Teacher Accreditation
    • Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers [HALT] might be better deployed by working in a number of schools

o There are only 353 HALT teachers so there has not been a huge take up
o It is a difficult, expensive [$7000] and time consuming process
o Also needs consistency across jurisdictions, but there is little incentive in terms of significant increase in salary
o There is also a variety of view from teachers about the issues based on where they are on their professional journey

Accreditation of teachers is being looked at by some jurisdictions but some are not pursuing it at this stage e.g. Victoria and Tasmania

  • Australia has exceptional data on student need thanks to NAPLAN
    • The view was expressed that it is unfortunate that it is not always used effectively to identify and support student need
  • Principal Accreditation
    • At this stage it is intended for those considering a move into principalship
    • Will not be mandated for  principals
    • A round table to be hosted by the minister across  a broad range of groups to consider how best to implement this process
    • The ressults of this consulation wil be tol advise the minister who will make the final decision on this matter
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