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My School Website Updated

Posted on 6 March 2018
My School Website Updated
The My School website has been updated today with:
  • 2017 NAPLAN results for schools
  • 2017 school profile and population data
  • 2016 school financial information, including capital expenditure and sources of funding.
  • We have also redeveloped the site to make it mobile-friendly, easier to use and more engaging for visitors.
In consultation with state and territory education authorities, using statistically-sound analysis of school results, ACARA has identified schools with substantially above average gain in NAPLAN results. A fact sheet (below) explains how these schools were identified.

These identified schools have been informed of their substantially above average gains and notified that they may be approached by media, particularly those that attended ACARA's My School media briefing on Friday 2 March.

Should you have any further questions regarding the 2018 update of My School, please contact ACARA at info@acara.edu.au



Robert Randall
Chief Executive Officer


Schools demonstrating substantially above average gain

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) is responsible for Australia's national reporting program, including the My School website. The My School website is updated annually with the previous year's NAPLAN results.
For several years, ACARA has released information on schools demonstrating substantially above average gain in student reading and/or numeracy achievement, as measured by NAPLAN, as students progress from Year 3 to Year 5 and from Year 7 to Year 9. Gains of this magnitude are significant and worthy of acknowledgement.
School leaders in schools with above average gain can talk about how they have achieved these gains to help other schools learn from them. For example, an improvement in reading or numeracy may be a direct consequence of a new school-based literacy or numeracy initiative.
Identifying substantially above average gain
My School presents gain in student achievement in three ways:

I. overall gain compared to previous years; and
II. gain compared to schools with similar students, based on the index of community
socio-educational advantage (ICSEA) level; and
III. gain compared to other students at the same average NAPLAN starting score.

Identified high gain schools have demonstrated substantial improvement in reading and/or numeracy (except where noted) as follows:

1. an overall gain that exceeds the national average by more than one standard deviation unit; and
2. an overall gain higher than schools with similar ICSEA levels, by more than one standard deviation unit; and
3. an overall gain higher than that shown by students with the same NAPLAN starting score, also by more than one standard deviation unit.

In addition, to ensure diverse representation of schools within each state and territory and across ICSEA levels, a few schools that have not met all three criteria, but nonetheless have shown gains that are significantly above average in reading and numeracy, were also identified.

To ensure reliable identification, all identified schools had to have matched NAPLAN results for at least 15 students and the overall percentages of matched students had to be higher than 70 per cent. For more information, contact ACARA.


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