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May 2017 CaSPA Board Meeting at Merici College

Posted on 17 May 2017
May 2017 CaSPA Board Meeting at Merici College

Above: CaSPA Directors take a break from the Board Meeting to inspect the wonderful kitchen garden that is a feature of Merici College's sustainability program lead by Principal Loretta Wholley.

Merici College Canberra was the venue for the May Board Meeting of CaSPA. Key topics discussed by the Board included:

  • A response to the recent Federal Government Funding proposal
  • Upcoming conferences in Queenstown 2017 and Cairns 2018
  • Plans to provide Principals across Australia with a clear summary of salaries and conditions across each of the jurisdictions
  • Developing closer links with each of the individual Prinipal groups in each diocese across NSW
  • The CaSPA Data project which is tracking career developments and changes for Catholic Secondary Principals
  • An update from each State and Territory on developments across a range of current issues

Visitors to the meeting included:

  • Tony Cook from the Commonwealth Department of Education

  • Kimberley McDonald, education advisor to Tanya Plibersek
  • Representatives of the ACT Catholic Secondary Principals


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