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Key Stakeholders in Catholic Education Meet in Brisbane

Posted on 11 August 2018
Key Stakeholders in Catholic Education Meet in Brisbane

Above left to right: Paul Colyer & Brad Gaynor [ACPPA]; Andrew Watson [CaSPA]; John O'Brien [CSPA]; Frank FitzGerald [CaSPA]; Carmel Nash [CSPA]; Ray Collins [Executive Director NCEC]

Members of the Executives of the 4 key groups in Catholic Education meet regulalry throughout the year to consider some of the key issues for our schools and communities. The recent meeting held in Brisbane on 9th August was no exception as the following Agenda outline indicates:

1. Update from NCEC on current issues
2. Gonski 2.0 - update re national and state/territory funding impacts on the Catholic education sector - including review of SES.
3. Longman by-election.
4. Federal election strategy.
5. 2020 National Catholic Education Conference option for each of our groups to play a role.
6. Update of the SES Review.
7. CSPA meeting with Minister Birmingham 
8. Australian Teacher Workforce data strategy report.
9. Copyright modernisation.
10. Update re Parent Engagement Tool Kits - under development.
11. Biographical Dictionary of Australian Catholic Educators
12. Faith Formation and Religious Education Standing Committee update.

Some of the matters emerging from this Agenda are still subject to embargo, but we will report on the relevant matters as they are open for public discussion.

All members of this stakeholder forum value the oppotunity to meet and share as we move towards Plenary 2020 with the hope that we can enhance the work and standing of Catholic Education in Australia

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