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Joint Statement of Principles - AHISA and CaSPA

Posted on 18 March 2018
Joint Statement of Principles - AHISA and CaSPA

The Boards of the Associaion Heads of Independent School Australia [AHISA] and CaSPA have been working together over a number of years to advocate for their schools and communities.  In effect there are quite a number of schools that are members of both Associations, so it is to be expected that there is considerable common ground in the aims and objectives of the two groups.

This shared focus has been formalised in a Joint Statement of Principles that has been agreed to by the Boards of both bodies and is published here for your information:

Statement of Shared Interests and Priorities

The National Boards of AIHSA and CaSPA have a number of key priorities in regards to the schools they represent and education in Australia more generally. These interests include the following:

  • freedom of choice for parents to select schooling that they believe meets the needs of their children
  • fair and equitable funding for all Australian school students based on clear and transparent processes for determining need and capacity of families to pay for education
  • valuing and promoting the "voice of Principals" in all matters regarding education
  • respectful, professional integrity in communicating movement of staff and students between schools and across sectors
  • promoting professional standards and support for pathways to leadership rather than certification
  • promoting long term and considered improvement to education in Australia placing trust in the teaching profession and with minimum of interference from political influences
  • advocacy for holistic education and the health and well-being of students and staff
  • occupational health, safety and well-being of Principals.
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