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ICP Conference in Cape Town Sept 22-25 - Registrations

Posted on 2 July 2017
ICP Conference in Cape Town Sept 22-25 - Registrations
With over 1000 delegates already registered we urge you to join our African colleagues in a celebration of new learning about the brain and how it can transform the work of school leaders.

For members who have attended a conference in Africa before you will understand that it will not only be about education, it will also be a rich cultural experience an opportunity to be immersed in 'the African Way.' Follow this link to the convention webpage www.icponference.com

I have attached a copy of the Council handbook. Thank you to all the members who have already registered. The program contains amongst other things -  very interesting speakers, snapshots from our members, a strategic update and much more.

The Executive are currently working on the business of Council and one of the most important tasks is the election.

It is time to think about elections and we will shortly be seeking nominations for the following positions:

·         President Elect

·         America's representative

·         Asia/Oceania representative

Something to think about
I have also included an 'interesting' graphic of the brain that was developed in the 19th Century pleasing to see that me have moved far beyond the pseudo science to today where we have a real understanding and a continually growing understanding of the brain. Our challenge is to use that knowledge to change the way teaching and learning occurs in our schools.

Looking forward to seeing you in Cape Town meeting new members and experiencing the 'African Way.'


Sheree Vertigan
Executive Secretary
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