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How one CaSPA School is seeking a better life for its Sudanese Families

Posted on 27 August 2017
How one CaSPA School is seeking a better life for its Sudanese Families

Pictured Above: CRC Melton Principal, Mark Sheehan, and his staff meet with members of the local Sudanese Community

Unlike other new arrivals to Australia, the Sudanese community face a unique set of challenges.  These include:

  • people who are primarily village based in their home country located in high density urban areas
  • with a culture largely centred on cattle owning for economic and social well  being,  they are expected to adapt to  in a complex western style economy
  • many have witnessed the terror of a bloody and violent civil war
  • there is a predominance of single parent families - almost exclusively with a female as the sole custodian [this may not even be the mother but an extended family member]
  • as a result there are few significant adult male mentors for the adolescent males who are still conditioned to show little respect to women
  • and the list goes on.....

It is not surprising that outer suburbs has experience significant social problems as typified by the APEX gangs in Melbourne who are held repsonsible for violent crimes such as home invasions, carjacking and the like....

Catholic Regional College, Melton is one of a number of CaSPA College with a growing proportion of Sudanese students [25% of new enrolments in some cases] and it certainly tests the support staff of schools such as these to ensure the new students and families have a safe and successful transition to life in Australia.

To their credit, under Deputy Principal, Mr Robert Blackley, the College has undertaken a number of initiatives with the local community to better understand and then meet the needs of the Sudanese families.

No doubt if schools with similar challenges were able to pool their experience, it would assist our over all efforts to meet this important challenge and assist our latest 'new arrivals' to enjoy safe and successful lives in Australia

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