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Government Surveys Provide Longitudinal Data on Student Pathways

Posted on 31 July 2017
Government Surveys Provide Longitudinal Data on Student Pathways
LSAY QuickStats updated

Our interactive data tool LSAY QuickStats has been updated for the 2006 (Y06) and 2009 (Y09) cohorts, and now includes data from the 2016 surveys. 

LSAY QuickStats provides quick and simple access to data about young people, presenting data as a series of tables and charts. Information includes education and employment pathways, living arrangements and satisfaction with life. Data can also be filtered by a range of demographic variables.

Pivot tables updated

Data from the 2016 surveys are now available from the LSAY pivot tables for the Y06 and Y09 cohorts.

The pivot tables present information on employment, education, study, work, and social indicators, which can be filtered by selected demographics such as sex, state, geographic location, school sector, country of birth and socioeconomic status.

Questionnaires and frequency tables from the 2016 surveys now available

The LSAY questionnaires and frequency tables provide supporting information for users of the LSAY dataset. These documents have been updated to include information for the Y06 cohort at wave 11 (2016) and Y09 cohort at wave 8 (2016).

Coming soon

Unit record data from the 2016 surveys for the Y06 and Y09 cohorts have been deposited with the Australian Data Archive and will become available over the coming months. Please see the LSAY website for information on How to access LSAY data.

A new LSAY cohort was introduced in 2015 (Y15) as part of the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment. This new cohort participated in their first LSAY interview in 2016 and their data will become available later in 2017. A number of new measures, including engagement in education, soft skills, personality and wellbeing, will be available with the release of the Y15 data.
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