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Future of NAPLAN discussed at meeting of CaSPA and ACARA

Posted on 24 May 2018
Future of NAPLAN discussed at meeting of CaSPA and ACARA

Above: Rob Randall, CEO of ACARA, attended the recent CaSPA Board Meeting

CaSPA continued it close association with ACARA with the visit by Rob Randall to the CaSPA Board Meeting on May 22.  Rob provided an update of ACARA activities in the spheres of:

  • Assessment
  • Reporting
  • Curriculum

Some key "take outs" for CaSPA Principals included:

  •  Impact on Australian Curriculum from findings of recent Gonski Review
    • It is of concern that only the Headline Recommendations received publicity
    • There were however many other useful information in the report that did not receive publicity
    • The concept of Personalised Learning and progression was discussed in some detail
  • Effect of large number of schools using the IB on ACARA's work
  • The challenges of including Senior Curriculum being included in National Curriculum
    • The need to this in some jurisdictions such as Tasmania was discussed
  • Report of the introduction of NAPLAN online
    • Very large numbers took part in first roll out of Online last week and overwhelmingly worked as planned
    • There will not be robotic correction of Writing tasks this year to allow more refinement of this process

Naturally the key focus was on discussion about a review of NAPLAN, and the CaSPA Directors were able to provide valuable feedback from their various perspectives.

It would be fair to say that the key conclusions from this discussion were:

  • While there is broad public discussion about the nature and effectiveness of NAPLAN, ministers of Education across the country are committed to it being maintained
  • Refinement is required in the use of data given it is used in many different settings and for a variety of purposes
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