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Exit Data from 2018 tells a sobering story for CaSPA Principals

Posted on 8 February 2019
Exit Data from 2018 tells a sobering story for CaSPA Principals

As you may. be aware, CaSPA has been tracking the data over the past years in a number of key areas for the principals of Catholic Seconday Schools.

One area of interest is the "fate" of those principals who conclude their current appointment - what becomes of them?

While it is true to say that our data has become more accurate over time, there are still important trends that are emerging:

  • just over a third of principals secure a new appointment as principal in another catholic secondary school: 37%
  • the next most common occurence is for a leadership position in some other Catholic entity, usually the local CEO: 20%
  • about 1 in 6 of "finishing" principals actually retire from full time work [3% for health reasons] 17%
  • the next category is growing and is of concern - a group we describe as "finishing": 10%

    • These principals conclude their appointments "at a time not of their choosing"

    • This may be due to non renewal of contract, frustration, stress, work induced poor health, or simply being "moved on" by their employer

    • We do realise that there are two sides to every "unhappy ending" but the trend is a concern to us all

    • In 2018 almost 1 in 4 Principals who finished their appointment did so "not at a time of their choosing"

    • We realise this issue is tied up with Governace Reform and the importance placed on the role of principal being properly valued by employers

    • Once cannot help linking this statistic with the anecdotal evidence that fewer and fewer people are applying for Principal vacancies

    • It is with some irony we note that a common cause of frustration for Principals is the inflexibility of Industrial Relations, so that principals have few options to "move on" underforming staff, yet it would seem an increasingly easier matter to "finish" a principal...

  • The second last category belongs to those who were in acting roles and the like: 9%
  • And finally 1 in 12 of finishing principals seek other employment: 8%

Below you can see the breakdown by jurisdiction:




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