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Data for the new LSAY 2015 cohort released

Posted on 17 January 2018
Data for the new LSAY 2015 cohort released
LSAY 2015 cohort (Y15) data now available

A new cohort of young people joined the LSAY program in 2015 as part of the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and participated in their first LSAY interview in 2016. This new 2015 cohort (Y15) has become the sixth LSAY cohort.

The Y15 dataset is now available to access free of charge from the Australian Data Archive and includes data from the first LSAY interview in 2016 (wave 2) along with information collected as part of PISA in 2015 (wave 1).

A number of new measures have been added to the survey instrument at wave 2, including engagement in education, soft skills and personality, and are available as part of the Y15 data release. Please see the LSAY website for information on How to access LSAY data.

LSAY Y15 resources now available

The following resources are available to help users understand and work with the LSAY Y15 data:

  • The LSAY 2015 cohort user guide includes information about: how to access the data, the questionnaires, variable naming conventions, derived variables, classifications and code frames, the data framework (using topic areas and data elements), sample design and weights.
  • Questionnaires and frequency tables are produced for each survey wave. These are now available for the Y15 cohort at wave 1 (2015) and wave 2 (2016).
  • Derived variables contain data gathered from across successive survey waves and are updated each year. These variables provide key measures across the areas of educational participation and attainment, employment, engagement in study and work, and social indicators such as living arrangements. The LSAY 2015 cohort derived variables publication provides information about how these variables are derived.

New LSAY online data dictionary launched

The new online data dictionary is a digital platform designed to help users navigate the LSAY data. The dictionary brings together information from the LSAY datasets, questionnaires and metadata. Information is organised using topic areas and data elements and uses topic maps to identify the waves and cohorts in which data elements are collected.

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