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Cyclone Impacts CaSPA Schools in North Queensland

Posted on 10 April 2017
Cyclone Impacts CaSPA Schools in North Queensland

The recent devastation caused by Cyclone Debbie caused disruption and damage throughout Queensland and Northern NSW.  

Jim Ford, Principal of Mercy College Mackay, found his school literally caught in the eye of the Cyclone as it passed the coast and headed in land.  We are grateful to Jim for taking a moment to give us an insight into what was happening and to send through some pictures of the devastation to buildings, vegetation - and even the contents of the school fridge that had to be thrown out due to the failure of electricity over a number of days:

Most substantial impact is loss of class time with a whole week lost.  Fortunately wind damage to facilities is about the level of previous big blows.

As with previous Queensland cyclones the major problem and ongoing stress is the loss of electricity. Keeping a school open without electricity is massively problematic and sensibly we remained closed.

We wish all the best to the many schools who were disrupted so significantly by this weather event.



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