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Cutting the Cost of Compliance for CaSPA Schools

Posted on 9 October 2018
Cutting the Cost of Compliance for CaSPA Schools

Above: Ross Castle, Gen Manager for Clients at CCI discusses ways of better managing Compliance with CaSPA Exec Officer Frank FitzGerald

One consequence of the recent Royal Commission on Institutional Sexual Abuse has been a heightened awareness by Catholic Schools - and their system authorities - of the need to mitigate risk. This along with increasing demands for accountability, has seen the workload for schools - and in particular principals - increase dramatically. A significant number of principals report this as a significant factor in increasing stress and pressure.

Some enterprising "for profit" companies have seized upon the opportunity to benefit from this, by providing "off the shelf" policy documentation that they advertise as meeting a school's requirements in terms of compliance. In other cases, central system authorities have removed policy making from schools and administer this centrally - though schools still need to contribute to the costs involved and also spend significant time and resources indicating that they are working in line with these policies.

It is interesting that these developments have been taking place without necessarily including the support and input of the key insurer of Catholic Education in Australia - CATHOLIC CHURCH INSURANCE.

As a partner of CCI, CaSPA is very keen to assist with a more affordable - and less time consuming - alternative.  Following discussions with Ross Castle, General Manager, Clients at CCI, CaSPA is inviting schools to take part in a pilot project which will provide a low cost, online resource for schools to undertake the following:

  • assist schools to produce current, succinct and manageable policies that CCI will verify as being covered by their insurance products
  • integrate online procedures that assist with the day to day implementation of these policies [some of the commercial products on offer that cost $30,000 p.a. do not provide this]
  • provide online training/induction for both teaching and non teaching staff and the means of verifying that this material has been viewed by the relevant staff
    • as this can be accessed 24/7 valuable staff meeting time need not be taken up with this training

If you would like more information on this project, please contact the Executive Officer: admin@caspa.edu.au

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