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CPAT Principals meet with CaSPA Board

Posted on 14 March 2017
CPAT Principals meet with CaSPA Board

Above; Following the meeting, the CPAT Principals had dinner with the CaSPA Board members

In recent years, the CaSPA Board have elected to meet in a different State/Territory each school term in order to better understand the issues that involve the Principals of that jurisdiction.  While initially the meeting was with the local Executive of the Principal's Association, in recent times, the invitation has been extended to all Catholic Secodary Principals in the jurisdiction.

On the evening of March 14 of this year, 27 Tasmanian Principals accepted the invitation to meet with the CaSPA Board and discuss issues of mutual interest.  During the course of the meeting the following items were discussed:

  • Teacher and Principal Accreditation and the involvement of AITSL in these matters
  • Principal Well Being
  • Changes to Governance in Catholic Secondary Schools
  • The impact of the Royal Commission on families perception of Church and Catholic Education
  • Proposed changes to the structure of Tasmanian Secondary Colleges
  • The changing nature of contract negotiations involving Catholic Principals and System Authorities
  • The nature and frequency of Performance Reviews for Principals
  • As EBA's with teachers see better conditions for teachers, there is often a consequential increase of complexity for Principals to manage in their schools - ironically this is often not taken into account when Principals' conditions are the subject of review and negotiation

The CaSPA Board finds meetings such as this of great benefit and thank those Principals from Tasmania who generously gave of their time to attend the gathering.

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