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Contract Negotiations for CaSPA Principals

Posted on 15 March 2017
Contract Negotiations for CaSPA Principals

Above: Ben Tallboys meets with the CaSPA Directors

While CaSPA is not involved in direct Industrial Relations, it has become aware of a growing interest by individual principals and Principal Associations of the issue of Contract Negotiations with Employing Authorities of schools. There are many aspects of this complex matter, and it is apparent that this issue is being given more attention by jurisdictions around the country.

To assist jurisdictions in this matter, CaSPA invited Ben Tallboys - an industrial lawyer from Russell Kennedy Lawyers - to attend our recent Board Meeting in Hobart. Ben spoke of his experience assisting Principals across various jurisdictions with contract negotiations and other industrial relations matters. Essentially he indicated that many principals are working as single entities when they set out to negotiate their contract, and in most instances this is being done with multi employer groups who have considerable resources at their disposal. He also indicated that in many instances it was not a negotiation as such, but rather the employer presenting a set position which the principal has limited capacity to vary.

While CaSPA will not be looking to utilise the services of people such as Ben Tallboys, there was a good deal of interest from the Directors about looking to people such as this to assist principals in their jurisdictions with forthcoming negotiations.

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