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Coming soon - a new-look Australian Curriculum website

Posted on 20 June 2017
Coming soon - a new-look Australian Curriculum website
Dear colleagues

Soon we will be releasing a new-look Australian Curriculum website! We have listened to feedback and hope you will enjoy the enhancements to the site. These improvements include a fresh look and feel, and a new 'filter' option on the home page that will make content easier to find.

The homepage will retain the current website address of www.australiancurriculum.edu.au and the top-level pages will redirect from the old site to the new site automatically, once it goes live. However, regular users may need to update their bookmarks as many links deeper within the site will no longer work once the new site goes live (those from the second level down of navigation).

If you currently have links to content deeper in the site, we will shortly be able to provide you with the new links before the website is released. Please advise us of what pages you currently link to, by emailing craig.phelps@acara.edu.au, and we will provide you with new links.

Kind regards

Cassandra Provost (on behalf of)
Dr Fiona Mueller


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