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CCI Supports Principal Health and Well Being

Posted on 18 November 2017
CCI Supports Principal Health and Well Being

Above: Hugh Easton form CCI discuss well being at the recent CaSPA Board Meeting in Adelaide

As the issue of Principal Wellbeing becomes more prominent in the community, CCI have taken the initiative and are allocating resources in order that they can be proactive in this matter.

Already CCI have:

  • become financial backers of the Principal Health and Wellbeing survey conducted by Prof Philip Riley of ACU
  • they have extracted from the broad data collected, specific information that pertains to Catholic Principals
  • this data has been discussed with groups such as CaSPA in order to inform appropriate interpretation and follow up

A good example of this was at the recent CaSPA Board Meeting in Adelaide, where CCI Education Sector liaison person Hugh Easton met with the CaSPA Board. As a result of these discussions, the following was suggested:

  • That CCI facilitate discussion between Catholic Education Authorities and CASPA to look at ways the shape of future governance of Catholic Education post the Royal Commission could be managed so that Principals could be working in structures where their work was valuable and their perspectives taken into account.  This was considered a very positive way in which one of the key detractors to Principal Well Being could be overcome
  • Likewise it is important that future negotiations with staff over Industrial Agreements should have better representation by Principals.  This could avoid situations where Principals have to work in environments that are not conducive to a positive climate for students and optimum educational outcomes
  • CCI was also seen to be able to work with the small number of principals who may not be coping and to support them by means of providing coaches or mentors, so both their health and work like would be conducted in a more positive way.


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