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Catholic Sector anticipates better outcomes from Review of SES

Posted on 11 November 2017
Catholic Sector anticipates better outcomes from Review of SES
The Catholic sector hopes the National School Resourcing Board's (NSRB) review of the methodology used to determine federal funding of non-government schools will go some way to resolving the current funding shortfall, however its findings are not expected until mid next year.

Catholic Education leaders lobbied strenuously for this review, which was strongly resisted by the Federal Government, and only agreed to in the last week of parliamentary sittings before the final vote on the government's school funding policy.

The government has released its terms of reference for the NSRB's review this week, which will identify the data and methodology to be used to assess socio-economic status and parents' capacity to contribute to the running costs of non-government schools.

In a media release, Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham said the board would consider the strengths and limitations of the current SES measure, possible alternative ways of calculating the capacity of a school community to contribute to school costs or for calculating SES, and how its recommendations could be implemented for the 2019 school year.

"Now that we've locked in a new school funding system and an additional $23.5 billion funding for students, we must ensure this funding is being distributed as fairly as possible and that it reflects the needs of school communities," Senator Birmingham said. "The Turnbull Government is committed to empowering parental choice in education and this review will help ensure we have the best possible data and formulas to distribute funding so that communities with the greatest need get the greatest support."

The NSRB is expected to report back by June 2018.

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