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CaSPA wants to assist you to cut through the Red Tape

Posted on 29 July 2018
CaSPA wants to assist you to cut through the Red Tape

As the article below reports, research confirms the adverse affect of excessive paperwork and red tape for Principals and teachers in schools. It is timely therefore that CaSPA has been invited by the Federal Government to present ways of alleviating this problem.

If you or your school have particular concerns in this area you are encouraged to share them with the CaSPA Board by sending details to:


We need to have these by August 3rd in order to prepare our submission to Government


A new study commissioned by the NSW Teachers Federation, which surveyed about 18,000 teachers, found they were drowning under increasing amounts of paperwork.

According to WA Today, the report from the University of Sydney said immediate action was needed to avoid negative impacts on students.

"The weight of evidence within this report makes it abundantly clear that teachers as a whole are subject to new and overwhelming demands imposed by the current policy landscape," the report reads.

"It is clear that teachers feel under pressure to undertake the new administrative activities reported to have arisen within the past five years, and that they are struggling to satisfactorily balance the demands of these administrative requirements with their professional and frequently reported personal commitment, to preserving their focus on teaching and student learning.

"Immediate action is needed, as the weight of the evidence in this report makes it clear that negative impacts on students are likely to ensue if the current trends continue unabated."

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