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CaSPA Schools come in a great variety of sizes

Posted on 4 November 2018
CaSPA Schools come in a great variety of sizes

The recent August 2018 Census of School Enrolments conducted by the Australia Government, confirms the fact that Catholic Secondary Schools do not fit into the category of "one size fits all". On the contrary, our 500 schools across the country are as divergent in terms of student numbers as they are in their geographical location.

Having said that, as the accompanying chart reveals, the schools broadly come in four categories with a quarter of CaSPA schools fitting into each category:

  1. Schools with less than 406 students.
    • Clearly these schools are mainly in the more remote locations and often serve large geographic areas
    • The juirisdiction with the largest number of schools of this size is Queensland partly due to there being a sigficant number of smaller regional that can support a Catholic Secondary school, but also the high number of Flexi Learning Centres in Queensland - 12 in all
  2. The next size category is 406 - 746 students
    • NSW clearly has the largest number of schools of this size
    • Of the jurisdictions with reasonably large populations, it is significant that WA has a very small proportion of schools in this category - only 4
    • SA on the other hand sees this category as accomodating a large proportion of its students
  3. The third category is schools from 747 - 1011 students
    • Again NSW is very well represented in this category, and in fact it is the category with the most number of its schools
  4. The final category are the large school with enrolments of 1012 or more
    • Victoria figures very prominently in this category. Not only does it have more schools of this size than any other jurisdiction, around 40% of its schools have these large student populations
      • This is perhaps due to the relatively small physical footprint of the state compared with its significant [and quickly growing] population
      • As a state with a long history of religious order founded schools, many of the current schools are in fact amalgamation of single sex smaller schools that now operate as larger co-educational schools
    • WA is well represented in this group as is ACT
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