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CaSPA prepares for Plenary 2020

Posted on 26 May 2018
CaSPA prepares for Plenary 2020

Above: The CaSPA meets with Regional Bishop, Mark Edwards, at its May Board Meeting

Bishop Mark Edwards was one of the visitors at the recent CaSPA Board Meeting. He was able to join the Board in discussion on a variety of matters including:

  • Composition of the new ACBC Education Committee
    • Archbishop Fisher [chair]; Bishops Foley; Holohan and Edwards
    • It was noted by some CaSPA Directors that this group represents a range of perspecitves on the approach to the teaching of RE in Catholic Schools
  • The importance of representation and "principal voice" on key bodies in the Australian Catholic Church
  • Bishop Mark provided some important policy documents from the NCEC that are designed as a resource for those teaching RE:
    • A Framework fo Formation for Mission in Catholic Educaton
    • Framing Paper [to accompany the above document]
    • Information on these can be sourced at formation.catholic.edu.au
  • Some of the challenges of achieving consistency across areas such as the approach to promoting Mission in our Schools, lie in the fact that there are 28 Dioceses across Australia and that ultimately each Bishop has control over the conduct of Education in each Diocese
    • This matter was of some concern at the recent Royal Commisson on Sexual Abuse as there is no clear lines of accountability from these 28 Diocese to any overarching National Church authority
    • Furthermore there does not appear to be any moves to address this lack of accountability
  • When CaSPA raised the issue of moving to look at Governance of Schools in the light of broader accountabilities, it would appear that the NCEC does not see a role for itself in leading discussion on this matter

The other matter that was given considerable attention, was participation in the Plenary Council of 2020.  Bishop Edwards provided an overview of the process and encouraged all in CaSPA to work with their school communities to provide input. The CaSPA Board will certainly take up this matter with Principals across the country and will make this a key component of its Forum at the Cairns 2018 Conference.

CaSPA is appreciative of the opportunity to engage in discussion on issues that are important in considering the future of the Church in Australia. At the same time it wonders about a process that invites feedback on matters such a Ordination of Women, while at the same time being informed that given statements by recents Popes, church teaching will not change on such issues.....

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