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CaSPA Plans Leadership Preparation with AITSL

Posted on 16 March 2019
CaSPA Plans Leadership Preparation with AITSL

Above: Sarah Richardson Manager [front row centre] from AITSL meets with the CaSPA Board

At its March Board meeting in Hobart, the CaSPA Directors canvassed a number of options to work with AITSL in leader preparation.  

These were based on the following:

1 Prioritise leadership of learning
2  Shared understanding of the levels and depth of expertise required of school leaders
3 Support structured pathways for school leaders
4 Recommendations for school leadership as outlined by AITSL paper

From this the following was proposed:

Research of AITSL
Literature Review of the Leadership of Learning

International scan of School Leadership
From this AITSL will develop materials to help principals make informed choices about Professional Learning opportunities and establish national network of PL.
Support jurisdictions to identify potential school leaders.
Strong alignment of Principal Standard with contemporary international and literature. However some aspects could be described better in the standard. Characteristics and softer skills of leadership needs to be more explicit.
Leadership of learning was clear in the research.
AITSL want to use a research evidence base of high impact leaders plus what are the realities of the role and where do Ps spend their time
AITSL wants to publish some work to inform the profession.

Redefine the role of P as leader of learning but difficult to change the standard as it is imbedded in many documents
Perhaps look at various leadership roles and map what they do at the levels to again look at the standard and see how it matches to the standard
Could be a suite of actions

Could include materials development to help them decide on PL that would be right for them
How are they tracking possible self-assessment tool
Bring together the institute of leadership and see what is working well and get coherence
Help leaders identify potential leaders for the future
DA include equity for women in leadership
SK take out fast track for leadership as people need to ready to manage schools well
DM soft skills & emotional intelligence needed in the P standard

More consultation and development of materials

Hope to have recommendations ready by September this year. 




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