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CaSPA News Update

Posted by Phil Lewis on 11 November 2019

The CaSPA Board has three main pieces of news:

  • Currently the Board is finalising its new Strategic Plan for 2020 - 22. In conjunction with Thorne Consulting the Board has developed a renewed Vision and Mission Statement. In addition the Board has identified three key values that will underpin its work in the three years ahead and key targets have been identified. The Strategic Plan will be launched early next year once the document has been through a final draft and proof process with the Board.


  • Alongside the new Startegic Plan, the Board has also entered negotiations with SchoolZine to build a new website for CaSPA. This work is currently being undertaken and the current website will remain in place until early next year. All Principals will be advised of the launch date and will receive new connection details for the Principals' Login section of the website.


  • The CasPA Board wishes to thank Paul Rijken for his great service and leadership as a Director over the last two years. Paul was also instrumental in leading the planning and the facilitating of Korero this year in Adelaide. The new Director nominated from APCSS (South Australia) for the next two years is Ms Paddy McEvoy. Paddy is currently the Principal of St Aloysius College in Adelaide and we wish paddy well in her new role as a CaSPA Director.

Phil Lewis

Executive Officer

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