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CaSPA Forum provides delegates with update on current issues

Posted on 17 July 2018
CaSPA Forum provides delegates with update on current issues

The CaSPA Forum has become an important event at our National Gatherings,  It is designed for the Board through its President to present on current matters.

At Cairn 2018, Andrew Watson [above]  provided background on the decision by the CaSPA Board to promote Governance as a key issue leading up to the 2020 Plenary Council based on the following:

  • It is a Key Recommendation of Royal Commission
  • Already identified as a priority topic at Plenary 2020
  • Research paper commissioned by CaSPA and authored by Dr Peter Casey illustrates the variety and complexity of existing governance models
    • Is there an appetite to modify this to a "one size fits all model'?
  • Preliminary discussions with NCEC would indicate they have not given priority to this as a topic
    • At the same time they indicate the default position would be to move to centralised systems with CEO having key role in all aspects of school management
      • Employment
      • Payroll
      • Policy making
      • School budgets
  • Recent developments in even more "decentralised" states would show a dramatic move to the above "default" model
  • Are we happy to accept a significant devaluing of the role of principal in these developments??

He went on to add:

  • There will be no one model of governance that fits all Catholic schools. The central diocesan system works well for many schools, including smaller, rural and remote schools who would be under-resourced as stand-alone entities.
  • However, research indicates that, with appropriate checks and balances, basing organisational and operational principles on empowerment with local autonomy over key elements such as staffing, finance, enrolment, curriculum innovation and strategic planning pays dividends.
  • These Church principles call for devolution within a central system, or respect for subsidiarity in independent settings who may vote power to the centre for what is better achieved in an aggregated body.The delegation of authority through an Association of Delegated Canonical Administrators can free system authorities and be efficacious in delivering positive outcomes at the local level.
  • Ultimately Catholic schools perform a great service to the nation, in the name of the Church.
  • Building on the strengths of our Catholic tradition calls for insight and courage to change to even better models of governance.

All States and Territories are stronly encouraged to read the excellent research paper - authored by former CaPA Principal Dr Peter Cassey -  that has been commissioned by CaSPA to assist understanding on this complex issue:

The Research Paper on Govenance can be downloaded HERE

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