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CaSPA Executive meet with Tanya Plibersek

Posted on 21 February 2018
CaSPA Executive meet with Tanya Plibersek

Above: Rob Laidler, Andrew Watson, Tanya Plibersek, Frank FitzGerald

Earlier this week members of the CaSPA Executive had the opportunity to meet with shadow Minister for Education Tanya Plibersek in her Sydney electoral office. A number of important issues were discussed including:

  • The proposed Australian Education Research Program - an initiative of the ALP where they will invest $30 mil annually in education research should they be in government after the next election
  • The importance of fair and equitable funding for all sectors in education
    • to provide equality of opportunity and outcome
    • also to cease the destructive public claim and counter claim by vested interests - a process that often only succeeds in "trashing the brand" of education generally
  • Ensuring greater transparency on the number entering teacher training and the quality of preparation they receive
    • also broadening pathways for those who wish to enter the Teacher Profession later in life after following other careers
  • Encouraging the "voice of Principals" when key education policy and initiatives are being considered - this is in the light of what would seem more and more education decisions are being taken by systems when often those making the decisions have only limited experience in classrooms and school leadership
  • Support for ongoing broader consultation such as the Education Forum held in Melbourne late in 2017
    • it was encouraging to see that similar events are scheduled around Australia in coming months
  • Appreciation and support was expressed for vocational programs/initiatives currently underway in schools and an assurance that within future governments funding arrangements vocational education will receive support and encouragement. The way forward is seen as promoting:
    • greater linkages and partnerships across sectors eg TAFE, Industry, Schools and Universities
    • these in turn will assist in creating multiple entry/exit pathways and enhanced opportunities for students

The Deputy Leader of the Opposition indicated that it was her particular choice to take up the Education portfolio given the importance of education in shaping the lives of young Australians and hence the future of our country.

The members of the CaSPA Executive who attended the meeting were appreciative of the opportunity to discuss such items of mutual interest.

Attempts to have similar meetings with the current Minister for Education have not been successful up to this point.

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