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CaSPA Data Project: Gender Balance among Our Principals

Posted on 18 March 2017
CaSPA Data Project: Gender Balance among Our Principals

In the coming months CaSPA will publish information it has been collecting since 2014 around the appointment of Principals.  We hope that this will help inform what is taking place both with those aspiring to be Principals in Catholic Secondary Schools and those who are finishing their appointments and moving on to something else - be it another Principal Appointment or other interests.

The issue of Gender Balance has been mentioned often in recent times in regard to those considering the role of Principal.  As our table shows, there is a clear trend that men take on the role in two thirds of cases and women on third.  With the exception of Tasmania, this trend show amazing consistency across the country and during the period we have been collecting this data.

It is noteworthy, that in the discussions about Accreditation and Preparation for Principalship that is currently being lead by AITSL, the issue of gender balance is seen as a key element to consider.

When discussing this matter with other stakeholders, the CaSPA Board hears a consistent message regarding why fewer women are looking to become Principal.  Among these messages are:

  • The long and stressful hours involved in being a Principal
  • The lack of flexibility with the role that would allow for child care
  • A perception that women who take time out from their teaching career to start a family are disadvantaged in the range of teaching experiences they can include on their CV's when applying for senior leadership positions
  • The perception that many females in the teaching profession are reticent to "put themselves forward" as they under value the skills and experience they in fact possess
    • by contrast it is suggested by some, that a percentae of male candidates for higher leadership in fact over estimate their skills and experience, but are prepared to apply anyway for senior positions.
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