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CaSPA Data Project - Off to a great start, and will have a great finish with your input

Posted on 13 April 2017
CaSPA Data Project - Off to a great start, and will have a great finish with your input

The table above indicates the collection rate for each of the key categories

As the CaSPA Board has met with local principals around the country over the past 2 years, there has been a clear trend in the matters discussed and issues of concern.  These include:

  • EBA's and Contract Negotiations
  • Principal Health and Well Being
  • Preparation and Certification of Principals
  • Career Paths pre and post Pirncipalship
  • Opportunities for Women as Catholic Principals
  • Renewal and Professional Development for Principals

While we have been able to hear of these things, it has become very apparent that there is a scarcity of data regarding each these issues at the Jurisdiction Level - and especially at the National Level.

At its recent Board Meeting, the Directors of CaSPA provided the guidelines for a Data Project that would begin to track some of these important trends.  The initial request for information from Principals have been very encouraging, so much so that within a matter of weeks important trends are emerging from the Data collected.

It stands to reason that the closer to 100% our collection rate is, the more authoritive our Data Study will become. A significant collection rate means that the Data could be used in situations such as:

  • Neogitating Contracts and length of tenure based on National Pracitce
  • Work Value
  • Health and Well Being - particularly in terms of retirement through ill health and other causes of early contract conclusion
  • Better preparation for those aspiring to be Principal
  • Encouragement of a better exchange between Catholic Education Offices and those with Principal experience

As you can see from the table above, we have high collection rates in some categories......

But this is work in progress and we believe that having data from the great majority of Principals will provide clear and valuable information for our Profession.  If you have not yet provided your data, simply supply the following information in an email to - admin@caspa.edu.au:

  • Your name;

  • Year of birth:
  • Year you were first appointed principal [at any school];

  • Your role immediately before your current appointment:
  • Year you were first appointed to your current school;

  • The final year of your current contract;

Naturally all data will be treated totally IN CONFIDENCE  and no individual's situation will be published as part of this Data Study.

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