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CaSPA Data Project - Life After Principalship

Posted on 10 August 2017
CaSPA Data Project - Life After Principalship

The final area of focus in the current series of our Data Project considers what CaSPA Principals move to at the conclusion of their contract and/or when they finish at their current school. This has been a slighlty more difficult process to track as we have not always received either timely or clear information about a Principal's plans. In more recent times - with your help - more information is being passed on to CaSPA so we hope this trend continues as it is important we have a clear sense of what occurs at this important stage in a Principal's career.

The data collection began at the end of the 2014 school year, so represents the 3 years up until the conclusion of 2016. As the table show, there are six main area that cover this situation [in order of frequency]:

  • Almost 4 in 10 Principals take up an appointment at another school
    • 29% at CaSPA schools within their state
    • 7% at a CaSPA school interstate
    • 2% to other schools either Catholic Primary or other sector schools
  • Around 2.5 in 10 Principals move to another Catholic leadership position
    • 15% to a Catholic Education Office
    • 8% to leadership such as a Religious Institute or PJP
  • Around 2 in 10 conclude their paid working life
    • 16% to retirement and a less strenous lifestyle
    • 3% are forced to take this step due to poor health
  • Almost 1 in 10 have the unfortunate experience of not being able to continue on as Principal even though they would like to
    • This is certainly a delicate area, but a reality for those who work under contract conditions
    • While there is always two sides to each of these stories, we do understand the distress and anxiety that surrounds situation such as these
  • 6 in 100 elect to take on other paid employment, either setting up their own business as consultants &c, or taking on employment in some other area
  • The final 6% concluded in the role for a variety of other reasons:
    • The majority of these were only in an acting role during the period that their school was in the process of finding a permanent principal

CaSPA is conscious of the great service that Principals have provided to Catholic Education, and we endeavour to acknowledge this in following through with this data.

We believe it is important to acknowledge this significant milestone in the careers of those who conclude their time as Principals.  One means of doing this, will be to set up a data base on the CaSPA website, where those Principals who choose to leave their contact details, will have this listed should former colleagues wish to stay in touch.

We also believe that those finishing as Principal are a great resource to other schools through their experience and the wisdom they have accumulated over their careers.  Part of this database will also have a listing of "past" CaSPA principals who are willing to offer their services - in either a paid or voluntary basis - to current CaSPA schools in a variety of fields such as:

  • School Reviews
  • Performance Reviews
  • Special Projects
  • Service on School Boards/Governing Councils

More details will be available in later updates.

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