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CaSPA Data Project - Experience Prior to Appointment

Posted on 16 June 2017
CaSPA Data Project - Experience Prior to Appointment

With a large number of our Principals providing information for the CaSPA Data Project, we are well placed to see significant trends in key aspects of their time in leaderships.

We now have data on 84% of CaSPA Principals that details their experience prior to taking up their current appointment. It is interesting to note the breadth of roles that people were in, which suggests that there are a variety of pathways to Principalship in a Catholic Secondary College in Australia.

The two key roles were:

  • 53% - Deputy Principal
  • 38% - Principal in another school

The other "less traveled" pathways were:

  • 7.3% - A Leadership Role in another Catholic Organisation e.g. Catholic Education Office
  • 1.8% - Who came to the role from other leadership roles [mainly non Catholic Schools]

When we look at those who moved from a Deputy role we note that:

  • Over a third of all principal appointments [36.3%] were Deputies from within the State but not from the school where the appointment was made
  • One of the more interesting statistics reveal that 1 in 8 [12.3%] principals were in fact serving as Deputies to their predecessor and moved into the Principal role when the former principal concluded their term. This is a very interesting fact given the belief in some quarters that one of the most challenging tasks is to move from Deputy to Principal at the same school. We hope to hear from some who have made this move in our CaSPA Case Studies in the months ahead.
  • Finally we see around 1 in 20 [4.4%] appointments involve a Deputy moving from interstate to take up their appointment.

Those who were Principals prior to their current appointment are in 4 categories:

  • Just over 1 in 4 [27.4%] were principals at another Catholic school in the state
  • Around 1 in 12 [7.5%] moved from a principal role interstate - this is almost twice the rate of Deputies being appointed from interstate
  • A very small proportion [1.9%] moved from a role as Primary Principal.  This statistic is interesting as it suggests it is anything but a simple transition from Primary to Secondary Principalship, yet in a number of jurisdiction Salary and Award conditions for primary principals have been brought in line with that of Secondary Principals implying that the roles are comparable.  This statistic would suggest that such a proposal may be anything but accurate.
  • Finally we see only 0.9% of Principals come from an overseas posting - the majority of these would appear to be religious who were Head of School at one of their Congregation's school in another country

Experience in other Catholic Leadership is largely taken up in 2 categories:

  • Around 6% who have had experience in senior leadership in Catholic Education Offices.  This percentage would appear to be growing and reflects the trend where serving principals are either on secondment or transitioning through CEO's to provide current workplace experience. CaSPA would be highly supportive of this trend - especially given the increasing number of Directors of CEO's who have not had experience as a Principal and some who have never worked in a school or classroom.
  • An even smaller number [1.4%] have experience in other areas of Catholic Leadership - the majority working with religious congregations.

The final classification come from Other Leadership roles - not in the Catholic Sector:

  • 1.1% have been either a Deputy or Principal in Government of Non Government schools
  • 0.7% have other experience such as Universities, TAFE, Consulting and the like

The following graphic provides a breakdown of appointments in recent years:

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