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CaSPA covers a broad range of School Types

Posted on 26 November 2018
CaSPA covers a broad range of School Types

While our name suggests that we cater for Secondary Students, CaSPA schools in fact embrace a far broader range of educational offerings.

The 2018 Government Census of schools reveals the following about our range of schools:

  • Just on 66% provide "mainstream" education with secondary classes only
  • Another 25% have classes for both secondary and primary
  • The final 10% of schools offer specialised schooling for students with a broad range of special needs
    • 13 schools cater for students with a disability
    • 21 schools provide education for "at risk" students - many of the these belong to the EREA Flexi Learning Centre group
    • 16 schools are classified as containing a majority of Indigenous Students - with many of these being the only schooling for these students in very remote areas

As with the data on the location of our schools, this data set reveals that CaSPA do far more than just cater for those in high socio-economic areas and/or the more able students. We should take pride in the fact that our CaSPA schools are actively promoting the Gospel message in a very real sense.

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