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CaSPA Board strongly endorses the work and continuity of AITSL

Posted on 25 May 2018
CaSPA Board strongly endorses the work and continuity of AITSL

Above: AITSL CEO meets with the CaSPA Board at its May meeting at Thomas Carr College, Tarneit

The CaSPA Board has been aware of discussion in recent times about the role and purpose of AITSL.  There are suggestions in some political circles that there is the need for a new entity to co-ordinate research into Education Best Practice and disseminate the findings of this research amongst the Education Sector.

The CaSPA Board is strongly of the view, that this is yet another example of short term policy in the area of Education that is designed to capture headlines, but does little to meet the ongoing needs for consistency and thoroughnes in terms of Education Theory and Practice. Working with existing entities that are providing great value such as AITSL should be a priority rather than looking to yet another poorly considered short term policy intiative.

There was no clearer justification for this view of the Board, than its recent meeting with AITSL CEO Lisa Rodgers.  Lisa has been a regular attendee at our Board Meetings and has provided the opportunity for frank discussions around matters of mutual interest to AITSL and CaSPA.  The May meeting was no exception as we canvassed topics such as:

  • ongoing concerns with TEMAG
    • still very low retention rate for those beginning teacher training finding their way through to employment as teachers in schools
    • the alarming "loss" of TEMAG funding when it reaches Universities with only 45% actually being used for Teacher Training
    • Universities not providing adequate quality assurance for standards required of pre service Teacher Courses
  • the promotion of Principal Standards are progessing well and CaSPA is keen to promote these among its membership
    • CaSPA endorses the view that there should not be any mandated certification of competencies for appointment to Principalship
    • At the same time those seeking to become principals should be provided with adequate mentoring and support
  • National Teacher Registration
    • CaSPA shares the frustration with AITSL and other bodies with the refusal by States to embrace this concept
    • While the teaching profession is held to account for areas such as PISA outcomes, there does not appear to be an appetite by Education Ministers around the country to agree on common approaches to these challenges - such as supporting National Teacher Registration

Individual Principals and State Associations can add their support to the work of AITSL by adding their voice to issues such as these and you are strongly encouraged to contact Lisa Rodgers via her PA,  with your views on these and related matters - Christina.Teichert@aitsl.edu.au


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