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CaSPA Board meets with State and Territory Associations at Cairns 2018

Posted on 10 July 2018
CaSPA Board meets with State and Territory Associations at Cairns 2018
Our National Gatherings provide and excellent opportunity for members of the State Associations to meet with the CaSPA Board and examine issues of mutual interest.  This year's meeting was held in conjunction with the Cairns 2018 Conference and was well attended by representatives from Australia and Nez Zealand. Following is a summary of the key points covered in the meeting:
Introduction President Andrew Watson welcomed all to the meeting
  • Those attending introduced themselves and gave a brief overview of their jurisdictions
  • SA Principals have generously offered to host in 2019
  • Likely timing is end of September
  • Publicity to begin Term 3, 2018
  • Call for papers March 2019
  • NZ to host in  2021 with locals deciding location
  • While there is good connections with the name "Korero" perhaps there needs to be a corresponding term chosen when the gathering is hosted in Australia
  • Andrew Watson provided an overview of the key elements of the Research Paper
  • This issue has been identified as a key priority by both Royal Commission into Sexual Abuse and those preparing for Plenary 2020
  • Can we make it CaSPA's priority also with the understanding Principals have appropriate recognition in future Governance Models?
  • Frank FitzGerald provided an overview of CaSPA Funding 2014-2018
  • The absence of a CaSPA Conference could impact severely on signing up National Partners for 2019-2020
  • There was also an examination of Registrations to the past 3  Conferences
    • This reveals contrasting support of the Conferences by  jurisdictions
    • When there is under representation from States, it can impact on the viability of the Conference
  • The option of an "equalisation fund" to guarantee consistent support to those who put effort into hosting a National Conference was canvassed
    • Some jurisdictions were not in favour with a specific "levy" for the Conference.
  • There was however broad support for increasing the general levy from 50 cents a student to meet any shortfall in CaSPA funding.  This is especially the case given that this amount has not increased since 2015.
Next Meeting:
To take place at the Korero 2018 currently scheduled for 29 Sept-1 Oct, 2018 in Adelaide
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